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As a teacher by day, I'm always telling my students to follow their passions and surround themselves with what brings them joy. Sure, we also focus on critical thinking, reading, and writing, but what is most important to me is helping students find their own voices and create their own stories.

As a photographer, I strive to do the same in my fine art pieces and sessions with clients.
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The beautiful thing about the art of photography is that what is seen through the lens is interpreted differently by those viewing it. I seek to create images that make viewers feel something, often relying on my camera to tell a story that words may not be powerful enough to capture. 

This fall, photographybygigi is working to build an online store where you can purchase prints of your favorite images, from Polaroids to panoramic seascapes. 

I look forward to showing you what is new (and I hope you are excited to see it, too)!

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xoxo, g.

Life is an adventure - I just choose to bring a camera along for the ride.

All images © 2009-2022 Kristin (Gigi) Rose

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